Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunset House Puzzle and a Million Gold (Fable 3)

In the north of Albion you will find a massive run down building in the day and a ghostly manor at night. This is a quick guide that will help you solve the puzzle of the Sunset House and will even tell you how to get a million gold for free!

It's best to do this after you have settled all problems with your brother Logan, especially if you would like the free million gold (and at this point that free gold is a pretty big help).

After going through the gates of the manor you will see a gazebo to your left. in this gazebo will be 4 statues. During the day these statues seem ordinary but at night they turn spectral and can be interacted with. To find the right pose for all the statues you can come during the day and they will be as you want them, this can easily be achieved by using the demon door to your left just before the gate. If you have already resolved your issues with Logan you will be able to enter the demon door and doing so will change the time from night to day or day to night. Inside this demon door is also a million gold stored in a chest.
If you are too lazy to change the time you can of course just read the information below.

Statue Formation:
Starting from the first male as you enter the gazebo and moving to your right...

Male 1: Holding belly and laughing.

Female 1: Holding arms in air in praise.

Male 2: Pointing and laughing.

Female 2: Fists ready to fight.

Once the statues are in their proper positions it will automatically turn to day time and the manor may be entered. Once you have gone through a short silly little quests Xbox players will also be awarded with the "Knight Jumps Chesty" achievement.

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