Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Castlevania Lords Of Shadows (Trial Guide)

Some trials in Castlevania: LOS can be fairly easy, some... not so much. I'll post tips on some of those tough trials to in this article to help you through those times where hope seems all too distant.

(This article will be updated periodically as I make my way through many of the C:LOS trials)

CHAPTER I: Level 4
(Pan's trial / 5 movements)

1. Move the largest circle clockwise twice
2. Move the smallest circle clockwise twice
3. Move the middle circle clockwise once

CHAPTER I: Level 5
(Defeat Ice Titan  / 90 secs)

Without knowing what to do, this trial can easily be mistaken as impossible. The trick here is you want to bring a full crystal to the battle. Once the titan emerges, use the crystal and watch his health greatly dissipate. This will not kill the titan but now it will only take one hit for a seal to shatter.  Once you have used the crystal dance around a bit until the clock starts counting down. You should be prepared to ascend the boss by the time he brings his left fist down for the second time (if memory serves). Climb the titans arm but instead of shimmying about as you normally would you are going to want to lunge side to side as you would if trying to jump a gap. This will help shave off a bit of time as you make your way around the giant boss. Once you have destroyed the first seal the boss will bring you up on his arm so that you are standing. As soon as you see the boss raise it's right arm be prepared to roll forward out of harms way and be ready to grapple his hands once it has fallen. Beware: at this point the game has saved and if you fail you will have to reload the level all over again instead of starting at the check point or else you will start back on the ground again with the clock as you left it. My target time for reaching the first seal was 30 seconds into the trial.

(Defeat Ogre / No damage taken)

The first part of this trial takes place when the ogres hand is protruding through the fortress, blocking your path. Unfortunately getting hit by his hand in this section does cause you to fail the trial but if you find yourself stuck here this is an easy solution. When you are allowed to take action, take a few swipes at his hand then back away. When his hand ventures further and starts pounding away this is a sign that he is about to grab you, if he goes for the grab there is no way to avoid it. But if you make enough attacks and deal enough damage to his hand it will go back into retreat. Repeat this process until you have diminished the life bar on the screen to 0.

Once you are at the actual boss fight the best course of action to take is to keep to the outer side of the ring (the furthest from the ogre you can be). Roll around frantically avoiding his attack and as long as you stay to the outside of the ring his fist and hand is all you have to worry about, where as if you run around on the inside of the ring it is easy to get clipped by his elbows. Once his health bar turns white be careful, this is a sign that he is about to smash his fist off the ground which will create a shock wave that is a little harder to avoid. You are (of course) going to want to jump over the shock wave before going in for a grapple.

Once you have finished the first action sequence the game will save and you can once again revert back to your previous checkpoint if you fail the next phase.

Once you reach this second phase of the boss fight, the ogre will often have a giant rock he will try to smash you with. Unfortunately this rock will also cause a shock wave, simply use the roll technique that you used in the first phase and jump when the rock hits the ground. Taking swipes at his hand when the opportunity arises will eventually cause the rock to crumble making things a little easier on you til he grabs a rock once again (this phase is of course a lot easier once you have unlocked the double jump feature in chapter 8).

The third and final phase is very easy, the ogre will be blind from previous attacks and he will mash his fists around a bit. As before stay on the outside of the circle and when he leans his face in to roar, this is your chance to run in for a grapple!

(Defeat the Crow Witch after killing only 2 sons)

I actually found this one very easy and odds are a lot of you did as well, but I can see how some might find this to be a little on the difficult side. All you need to know about this fight is when the boss is hurling her eggs at you, constantly click the grapple button while simultaneously rotating the left stick. If you can keep this up without fail this trial will be very easy for you.

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