Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dark Souls Melee Build Guide (Stats and Gear)

(This guide is very old. If you would like to see a video guide on dark souls melee builds click HERE)

I am well aware of the need for me to post about some other games on Glory to Gaming, unfortunately Dark Souls has me by the balls... bad. So with the near 200 hours I have dumped into this game solely playing a melee build, I thought I would help some people out with building their characters. Below I have compiled a melee guide including stats and gear, keep in mind that this layout is my personal preference.

Class: Bandit 
I like the stat layout that a bandit starts you out with and the equipment makes for some icing on the cake.

Gift: Master Key
Some people like the ring that gives you a small boost to health, but when all is said and done the health that the ring gives you ends up being insignificant and the Master Key can make your life worlds easier.

Stats (Soul Level 100):
I generally start out pumping Vitality and occasionally dumping points into Strength, Endurance and a point here and there in Dexterity.

Vitality 40

Attunement 8

Endurance 40

Strength 40

Dexterity 25

Resistance 11

Intelligence 8

Faith 10

For those aiming for a lower Soul Level, here is a stat chart for SL 50: 

Vitality 25

Attunement 8

Endurance 20

Strength 30

Dexterity 20

Resistance 11

Intelligence 8

Faith 10

Black Iron Set

This set can be upgraded with Twinkling Titanite and is found to the left of the giant painting in Anor Londo. The Havels Set at first seems the best bet, but it cannot be upgraded and is very heavy. Once you have the Black Iron Set fully upgraded it should provide just as much armor if not more than the Havels Set. Though this armor is great for protection, I would advice using a hybrid build and including some pieces of light armor to keep your mobility up. The Gold-Hemmed and Dingy sets are usually what I incorporate into my build.

Stone Greatsword

This sword packs a serious punch but also has better mobility and attack speed than most of the larger weapons found in Dark Souls. The sword is a fairly rare drop and can be found by grinding the giant statues in Darkroot Garden, just before the Moonlight Butterfly.

Quelaag's Furysword

I normally only use my great sword as a two hand weapon for bosses and tougher enemies. When running around I like to have a fast weapon for sword and board that doesn't eat massive amount of stamina. For this I suggest Quelaag's Furysword. This weapon swings very fast, does a lot of fire damage and it looks cool tah boot! To get this weapon you will actually have to kill Quelaag and use her soul to forge the sword at the giant blacksmith in Anor Londo. Below I will provide an instructional video on how to get this weapon.

This is not my video. You will need Quelaag's soul to craft this weapon.

Grass Crest Shield

This shield can be found at the bottom of Darkroot Basin. The Grass Crest Shield does not provide as much protection as other shields in the game but gives a massive boost to stamina regen, allowing you to get more attacks in on a boss in a shorter amount of time. I moved on to other shields for a bit, but later decided that this was my favorite.

Ring of Steel Protection
Can be found in Sens Fortress and provides a boost to physical resistance.

Ring of Favor and Protection:
This is my favorite ring in the game as it gives a massive boost to health. The ring can be found by killing the imprisoned NPC just under the Belfry Gargoyles, or by avenging the death of the fire keeper for the Firelink Shrine in Anor Lando. The ring will break if removed.

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