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An in Depth Look at Office: Counter-Strike Tactics (Terrorists)

All hail office. Office is possibly one of the best maps in the history of competitive shooters. Well balanced and amazingly well thought out, Office has certainly withstood the test of time. I've been playing CS since it's original release way back when, and to this day this is still my go-to Counter-Strike map. Below I have compiled some of my own personal strategies that I have developed over the years, to give players new to CS something to work with when facing the fierce competition that the game is so famous for. Keep this guide in mind when playing and ultimately use it to evolve some of your own strategies. What works for one player isn't always going to work for another.    



In my years of experience playing this map I have personally found that Terrorist are the superior team to join when playing Office. Higher altitudes make for easy head shots and if an aggressive approach seem to be working against your team, T Spawn is quite an easy place to hunker down for the defensive. If caught in  a position where being on the defensive seems to be the better approach, it is best to camp The Conference Room. As it is a more confined and controlled environment. Remember, though some people on the other team may complain about you camping, it is the terrorists job to protect the hostages.

This is a good position to hold as both the plant and hostages provide you with  cover.  Make sure to keep an eye out for CT's entering from your right. 
Option B: If the first camping spot is taken or you need to switch up your tactics, this is a  decent place to hold. It's important to note that this position is not as good as the first one as you will have more of a gap between you and your target. This is the optimal position if you do decide to snipe.
Alternatively if the rest of your team seems to have the conference room under control than this can be an effective spot to cover all your teams bases. The back draw to this location is you are in slightly more danger than the other two spots, but with a good shotgun, this is an effective position to score some kills.


When starting at the pistol round as terrorists I generally stray from buying a better pistol. If playing competitive I generally go for a support approach, grabbing a flash grenade and HE grenade while saving $300 for the upcoming round. The Glock can be a surprisingly effective start pistol due to its high fire rate. Avoid using burst fire as you can generally fire off more accurately with standard fire and at high fire rates  you tend to do dish out a decent amount of damage.

Once you have progressed further into the match and you have some money saved up, the AK-47 is my recommended choice for weaponry. Firing short bursts with the AK can be extremely accurate in those long hallway situations, this is especially the case with the first round fired. The AK is also a great choice for mid to close range combat due to its extreme damage output and lethal spray when close to your opponent. If cash is running low I will generally move to the Nova or UMP while funds replenish. If the AK is not your thing, a good shotgun is also a great choice for Office. I personally advise either the Sawed-off or Nova as they provide more controlled fire and dish out a lot of damage per shot. I generally stray from using snipers in this map as there are not a whole lot of great sniping points.

Contact Points:

Getting to know a maps contact points is essential in CS. Knowing where to expect your enemy can give you a great advantage in combat, giving you a better chance at survival. Below I've added some pictures of the important contact points in office.

This is one of the more famous contact points in office as well as the most dangerous.  Grenades are to be expected in this area and its not uncommon to fall to an instant death to due to a head shot when coming around the corner. Use extreme caution when taking this route. When getting to the bottem near the exit sign, take it slow and use a jump to crouch technique (as shown below) to enter CT Spawn.

This is a really common contact point, especially for newer players. Be mindful of enemies coming up through the stairwell which is where I am aiming, and snipers looking in through the windows up ahead. This contact point is a bit easier to fall back from than the previous one listed.

The contact point for the back route is actually ahead and around the corner but this is where I would recommend holding as it also allows you to see through the doorway down the hall.  

Flash (Grenade) Points:

Flashing is a sound tactic in any CS map, but with all the tight and closed corridors in Office, this map is one of the best for the bang and entry strategy. When it comes to office I almost always have a flashbang on me at all times. Listed below are some good places for terrorists to use a flash. Take note of the cross hair as that is exactly where you want the flash to go.

Flashing here is a great way to get into this dangerous area. The idea is to bounce the grenade around the corner blinding the enemies that either coming up the stairs or hunkering down at the bottom. If getting here a bit late be weary of enemies coming around this corner, or through the window behind you to your left. If the enemy has caught on to this and it doesn't seem to be working as well, try using the tactic in the video below to get the jump on them. This works best when the enemy is consistently holding the bottom of the stairs.

If trying to prevent entry into T spawn this is a good flash point to stall players that are working their way down the main hall.
Bouncing a flash off this wall here is a safe way to gain entry into the doorway ahead. It's not uncommon for CT to be standing in the window looking at this doorway, so entry into this room can be dangerous. Be mindful of the stairwell pictured to the left as this is a common way for CT to enter the building.

Preventing Entry to Spawn:

It is the Terrorists job to guard the hostages and keep CT from rescuing them. This means that guarding your spawn is your number one priority. Below are some examples of good places to hold when looking for a defensive start the round.

This is a pretty standard place to take cover. Straight ahead is where you are most likely to take fire from . The dangerous thing about holding this spot is that the wall directly in front of you is easily penetrated by bullets. If things really start to heat up make a dash to the spot pictured below.
This is a great place to take cover. The doorway creates a choke point that your enemies will have to funnel through, allowing you to get quick kills when spraying with an automatic weapon. 
When guarding the back entrance this is generally where you want to be.  If overwhelmed  try falling back to the position below.
Surprisingly enough this spot (located directly next to hostages) is quite effective. People tend to overlook this  location and it gives you a good view through the opening straight ahead. A shotgun is not advised for this position as there will be a fairly large gap between you and any enemies located behind the desk directly ahead.

Sniping Positions:

Office is clearly not the best map when it comes to sniping but there are a couple of OK spots if you insist on engaging in long range combat.

This spot is great due to the semi-long hallway, it is also a great position for a quick retreat through the door to the left.
This is your second best choice for sniping, but generally you will be taking a lot of fire in this spot. The window straight ahead is where you will likely be getting the bulk of your kills when using this position.
This is also a popular place for sniping as you can see through the doorway ahead and take cover behind the wall.
Some people will choose to snipe in this spot, but I would not recommend this position as you are likely to take fire from behind.

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