Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tips for Survival (Metro 2033)

Metro 2033 can be a fairly difficult game to get your bearings in. Here I have compiled some tips for those who are new to Metro, to help give a fighting chance to those who need it in this brutal game.

1. Conserve ammo:

This one is a given but in a game like Metro this can't be stressed enough. Mutants can be extremely tough and often take quite a few rounds to take down. Aim carefully and make your shots count or else you'll find yourself in the middle of a horde of mutants with nothing but a knife.

2. Don't be afraid to reload checkpoints:

Checkpoints are not always those annoying things you have to fall back to when you die. Sometimes a checkpoint can be used to a players advantage. If you make your way through a difficult scenario and find that you have used more resources than you should have, don't be afraid to reload your save. Wasting more ammo than necessary in combat can create quite the headache when the going gets tough.

3. Let your teammates take some action:

When low on ammo and engaging in combat with others, don't be afraid to hang back a bit and let your teammates take some heat. The NPC's in Metro tend to be pretty tough and some ammo conservation is always a good thing.

4. Throwing knives are your friend:

You'd be surprised at just how powerful throwing knives actually are. Not only do they pack a wallop, but you can also retrieve them from your dead enemies. Using throwing knives at opportune moments is a great way to save up some ammo for when your firearms are really needed.

5. Military grade ammo is precious:

Military grade ammunition doesn't just provide some extra damage, it's also the games currency. Military grade ammo is best saved to be traded for greater quantities of "dirty" ammo and upgrading your arsenal. The extra damage that military grade provides is usually not worth it and you shouldn't use it unless absolutely necessary.

6. Hit the lights:

Just about every source of light in Metro can be shot out and the dark is a great way to conceal your position. When engaging in a combat scenario, be aware of the lighting around you and how it may effect your chances of getting shot.

7. Explore you're surroundings:

Exploration in Metro is extremely vital to your survival. Though at times you may feel that rushing ahead to avoid enemies is your best option, make sure you take the time to thoroughly check your surroundings. Ammo can be hidden anywhere from a dark corner to a closed locker or cabinet. Make sure you don't pass a bunch of ammunition that will be needed further down the line.

8. Avoid conflict if possible:

Fighting your way through every scenario is not always the best option. Stealth can be extremely useful in Metro and a lot of times you are able to pass enemies undetected. This especially comes in handy when dealing with large groups of soldiers or particularly tough mutants. Sometimes even a quick dash for the exit can save your skin. Remember tip #6!

9. Value your gas mask:

Walking around with a seriously cracked gas mask is risky business. Make sure to reload checkpoints when your mask takes unnecessary damage and keep an eye our for masks that might be in better condition than your current one. You don't want to end up at a checkpoint with a mask that can only take one more hit and no replacements close by.

10. Use those grenades:

It can be easy to forget to use your grenades from time to time, but being mindful of situations that benefit from a grenade or two can save you quite a bit of ammo. Keep an eye out for clusters of enemies that can be    quickly dispatched with a grenade and don't be afraid to prime it a bit before you throw it. The great thing about grenades in Metro is that you are able to see the fuse burn away, indicating how much time you have til it detonates.

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