Monday, March 4, 2013

Torchlight 2 Tips

Here I've compiled some tips for those new to Torchlight 2 and looking for a little help getting started.

1. Ease up on potion use:

It might be easier to ensure your survival by mashing on some potions while in the heat of combat, but potions are quite expensive in Torchlight 2. Be careful with how you approach battle and always be aware of how much hp you have left. That extra gold you save on potions could land you some nice enchantments.

2. Never spend stat points for gear:

Sometimes you will find you have some pretty outdated gear and maybe you just got a new orange item that you would like to equip. Unfortunately this new item requires you to have 3 more stat points spent in focus and you are playing a tank build. It is absolutely important that you do not spend points in areas where you they are not needed just to get that flashy piece of gear. Relax, something else will come along and your character will be stronger for it in the end.

3. Stop and read your skill tree:

As annoying as it may be to have to sit and try to figure out what all your skills do, it's pretty important that you take the time to do this. Torchlight 2 only allows players to respec the last 3 points spent in skills and dropping skill points into something you are not sure is going to be useful at the end of  the game will result in a weaker build. Try planning ahead and figure out which skills will be your strongest ahead of time, though your character may start out weaker in the beginning this way, you will ensure a better build for when it really matters.

4. Percentages are better:

When deciding what is going to be your main damage skill, consider the fact that a skill that gives you a bonus with percentages will end up a lot more powerful in the end than a skill that gives you one hard number.

5. Clear everything:

Sometimes you just want to jump ahead to the next area but taking a moment to make sure you've cleared that map can pay off in the end. That extra experience is always handy but make sure you've also cleared all destructible containers and chests as well. Remember, even the greatest of loot can come from smashing a pot.

6. Hold on to that good loot instead of selling it for some extra cash:

Say you're playing a engineer and you drop a really nice bow that could grab you some extra loot. Stop and considering saving it for a moment, especially if you are playing through with your first character. Though that nice gear may fetch a decent price that bow could make your next playthrough with an outlander a whole lot more fun. Make sure to store some good loot in your shared stash for your other toons. Being well geared with a new character is always a bonus.

7. Stick with a theme:

When building your character it's often a good idea to pick a theme and stick with it. For example, if you are looking to build a character around dexterity, consider skills that are based around crits. The berserker's "Blood Hunger" skill would be appropriate in this situation, which awards the player with health for landing critical hits.

8.  Dealing with difficult pulls:

When encountering a difficult pull, instead of charging on in, try an attack and retreat approach. Getting some significant hits in and pulling back will help to thin out the enemies and scatter the mob. When you are retreating this is also a good time to chug a healing potion. This tactic is especially important for melee builds.

9. Be selective when enchanting:

Enchantments can be very costly. Don't bother enchanting greens or gear you don't expect to be holding onto for a while. Enchants should be reserved for the most powerful of loot.

10. Respawning in town is best:

Be strategic with how you use your way point scrolls. When you respawn in town you don't lose anything, if you are always respawning where you die you are sure to eat up a lot of gold. Try placing way points when you enter new levels of dungeons and be weary of placing a way point close to one which is already provided.

11. Avoid buying gear:

Buying a equipment is usually a waste of gold. You should be able to find more than enough to get by in the field, so generally avoid vendors when it comes to equipment.

12. Selecting the right gear:

When choosing gear for your character you should always be looking for equipment that provides bonuses to your two most important stats. It's wise to build a character to be strong in a few areas rather than decent all around. Of course some common sense should be applied here, you don't want to be running around with five points in vitality.

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