Monday, May 27, 2013

The Quirky Adventures of Dead Island: Riptide (Bugs and Glitches)

Playing through Dead Island: Riptide, it has become painfully obvious that this game is absolutely riddled with  bugs. Though I am enjoying my time playing through the game, making a walkthrough for the game has been quite a nightmare at times. I've decided to make the best of it. Though sometimes these bugs can be quite frustrating, they can also be pretty funny. Here are a few bugs I've decided to share.

Two Bugs, One Video:

In this section there are two weird bugs that took place. One you wouldn't know if you haven't played the game before. I was asked to place the fences around the camp, which you are supposed to do manually. Instead, I clicked the first fence and all the others appeared directly after. The second bug is quite easy to spot.

Legend of the Invisible Boat:

Finding a boat on an island full of flesh eating zombies is one thing. Finding an invisible boat on an island full of flesh eating zombies is quite another. Especially when being asked to install a motor on said boat.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Metro: Last Light Walkthrough (Parts 31-35)

Return to Metro: Last Light walkthrough.

Part 31: City of Phantoms

Part 32: Red Square

Part 33: The Garden / Bear Boss

Part 34: Enforcement of Peace

Part 35: The End

Metro: Last Light Walkthrough (Parts 26-30)

Return to Metro: Last Light walkthrough.

Part 26: Train to the Future

Part 27: A Child

Part 28: Bridge

Part 29: Road for Two

Part 30: Visions

Metro: Last Light Walkthrough (Parts 21-25)

Return to Metro: Last Light walkthrough.

Part 21: Church / Filter Glitch

Part 22: Through Hell

Part 23: Through Fire

Part 24: Epidemic

Part 25: The River of Fate

Metro: Last Light Walkthrough (Parts 16-20)

Retrun to Metro: Last Light walkthrough.

Part 16: Bandits

Part 17: Bandits Continued

Part 18: Dark Waters

Part 19: Venice

Part 20: Marshes

Metro: Last Light Walkthrough (Parts 11-15)

Return to Metro: Last Light walkthrough.

Part 11: The Theater 

Part 12: Moskvin

Part 13: Red Line

Part 14: Red Line Continued

Part 15: Hot Pursuit 

Metro: Last Light Walkthrough (Parts 6-10)

Return to Metro: Last Light walkthrough.

Part 6: A Friend

Part 7: Through the Darkness

Part 8: Spiders

Part 9: A Path Through the Light

Part 10: Demon

Metro: Last Light Walkthrough (Parts 1-5)

Return to Metro: Last Light walkthrough.

Part 1: Intro

Part 2: Briefing

Part 3: Enemy of my Enemy

Part 4: Nazi Prison

Part 5: Escape

Metro: Last Light (Walkthrough)

Metro: Last Light walkthrough, featured in 1080P.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Metro: Last Light Review

It's been three years since the release of Metro 2033 and 4A Games has graced us yet again with another look into the dark and atmospheric world imagined by Russian author, Dmitry Glukhovsky. Metro 2033 remained slightly under the radar following its release in 2010, but has seduced an impressive cult following over the years with its remarkable innovations and unrivaled visuals. Metro is a series I was hesitant to try, but once I had I was immediately enthralled by the way it redefined the shooter genre. Metro is all about survival. Scraping by with what ammunition you have and making due with what mistakes you have made. Mistakes that could ultimately make your trek through this dangerous post apocalyptic world seemingly impossible. 

As much as I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Metro 2033, it was painfully obvious that there was much room for improvement. Metro 2033 set the ground work for an amazing idea, but showcased very little in the ways of polish. The story, dialogue and sometimes game play could feel quite rigid when compared to the games obviously brilliant mechanics. Though Metro: Last Light still leaves a fair amount of room for improvement, many of it's predecessors biggest faults have been doctored to create a significantly more exciting and immersive experience this time around.   

The story this time around is far deeper than it was before. A story that touches relate able subjects in an unattainable setting, solidifying the bond between the player and Metro's lead protagonist. Politics will shock you and moral struggles will tug at your heart strings as you see the world that is the Metro as you have never seen it before. The dialogue here is a lot stronger than what I endured in Metro 2033, but unfortunately a lot of the american voice acting is quite uninspiring, occasionally pulling the player out of the moment.

Last Light is a truly cinematic experience and in this regard the game shines brilliantly. The game is filled to the brim with heart pounding moments that will draw the player in. The first person perspective only heightens the effectiveness of this pull. 4A has done an outstanding job of showing the player this perilous world through the eyes of Artyom in such a way that you will surrender all disbelief. 

Unfortunately the game takes a hit when it comes to the story's progression. Some twists are executed a little too soon while some sections tend to drag out a bit longer than they should. The ending was possibly the games greatest disappointment, as it was far too abrupt and the games ending cinematic seemed to look quite dated in comparison to the rest of the games gorgeous visuals. 

Metro has always been about breath taking visuals and Last Light is no exception. This is an unquestionably great looking game. Fire effects are impressive, models are top notch and there is an attention to detail here that is unrivaled. Needless to say, Metro: Last Light is going to challenge most peoples hardware. Though I was surprised at how well this game ran on my Radeon 7850 OC with settings cranked, I was quite displeased with the options players are given in the settings department. For a game that is as demanding as it  is, there isn't a whole lot of breathing room for fine tuning. That being said, with setting almost maxed I only hit frame rate issues on a small handful of chapters and even then I was recording with FRAPS. Players using Nvidia GPU's will likely have less of an issue with FPS. 

Last Light takes the dark and unnerving atmosphere featured in 2033 and brings it to a whole new level. The game does a fantastic job of spooking players with its masterfully crafted dark, claustrophobic environments and it's admirably convincing "hallucinations". The Metro series continues to show players a rich and inspiring world all while reminding you that this is the last scenario you would ever want to be caught in. And though you will find yourself pleasantly anxious as you crawl your way through the dilapidated subway tunnels of the metro, you will find yourself as equally awestruck by the world above. Exploring the ruined streets of a world that once was is wonderfully exciting as you will survey ruins that weave a tale of a great city's destruction. Bizarre weather effects greatly add to immersion and help to show the player the dangers of treading in a world no longer fit for mankind. Because of the games remarkable atmosphere, Last Light is chock full of memorable moments. 

Gameplay in this latest installment has been cleaned up dramatically, but retains a lot of the signature features that makes Metro stand out from other generic shooters. Though fans may find Last Light to be slightly easier than 2033, that feeling of imminent danger is still very present here. Metro is very much about survival and exploration. Players will have to take to exploration to acquire air filters and ammunition and making your shots count is still relevant, though I found ammunition to be considerably less sparse than it was in 2033. Aiming and movement does not feel nearly as clunky as it had in the first Metro, but still holds that feel of realism. Artyom is no super hero, but a tough soldier. Mortality is not forgotten in Last Light.    

There is a lot more game packed into the newest addition to the series. More action in both the world below as well as above. Though there are a few moments where the game seems to drag, a lot of your time in Last Light will be spent kicking ass and taking names and because of this the game for the most part sports an enjoyable flow. Shootout's will be bigger, and environments are more diverse this time around, making way for a slightly longer but still captivating journey. 

Metro: Last Light still has a few kinks in it and there is a lot of improvement that could be made to the series, but this doesn't prevent Last Light from being an amazing game. Last Light has taken its place among some of my favorite shooters with its gorgeous visuals, intense realism, unrivaled atmosphere and haunting environments. If your rig is up for the challenge and you are a fan of the FPS genre, Metro: Last Light is simply a must have. 


- Stunning Visuals

- Fantastic Environments

- Great Atmosphere

- Strong Combat


- Poor Voice Acting

- Inconsistant Story and Flow


8.9 / 10

Monday, May 20, 2013

Metro: Last Light Filter Glitch

An interesting glitch I discovered while playing through Metro: Last Light. Pay attention to when I run out of air and jump into the water. Once I resurface my timer hits zero yet there is no need to change my filter.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Walkthrough)

Parts 1-5

Parts 6-9

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Walkthrough (Parts 6-9)

Part 6: Destroy the Eggs

Part 7: Defeat Carlyles Dragons

Part 8: Arena Rounds 1-3

Part 9: Danko Gate / The End

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Walkthrough (Parts 1-5)

Part 1: Tutorial / Protect Spider

Part 2: Secure the Garrison

Part 3: Blow the Dam

Part 4: Protect the Engineer

Part 5: Destroy the Prototypes 

Top 5 Weapons (Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon)

Here is a list of the top 5 weapons for kicking some serious ass in Blood Dragon. This list only includes weapons obtained early on in the game and assumes you have obtained no attachments. 

1. Bow

Once again the Bow makes its way to the top. In Blood Dragon the Bow has proven to be the most useful weapon at your disposal as it allows the player to execute quick stealth kills with its silent and powerful strike. When used correctly the Bow can enable you to get through tight areas undetected. This is especially useful in the optional hostage rescue missions. These perks in marriage with the ability to reclaim dispensed arrows makes the Bow an obvious choice for your arsenal. 

2. C400

When used in the right situations the C400 can be an especially useful ally. Its blast does a significant amount of damage and the option for remote detonation allows the player to make strategic use of its blast radius. Unlike the mines, C400 will only detonate with the use of the remote or in reaction to another explosion close by. When caught in a situation where you have switched from your remote to a firearm, be sure to use your grenades as a quick solution for detonation. C400 is most useful against armored targets as a direct blast will grant you an instant kill. 

3. Kobracon

The Kobracon sniper rifle is almost always your best friend when caught in a situation where your enemies have been alerted of your presence but are still far enough away to give you the advantage. Pulling off distant headshots with this weapon is not only extremely effective but also a hell of a lot of fun. When enemies are at a great distance be sure to use the "hold your breath" feature to maintain a steady aim.

4. Terror 4000

The minigun is almost always a great choice in any over the top shooter. The Terror 4000 is no exception. This gun holds quite a bit of ammunition, packs a serious punch and is surprisingly accurate when firing from iron sight. The Terror 4000 is fantastic for dispatching large clusters of foes, dishing out a respectable amount of damage to dragons and killing armored enemies when they are out of reach of your C400. When using the Terror 4000 make sure you take in account its down time as it revs up.  

5. Galleria 1991

Last but most certainly not least is Blood Dragons nifty looking shotgun. Though this weapon is essentially useless at a distance it serves as reliable backup in certain situations. The Galleria is best used when there are large clusters of enemies funneling around a corner in tight areas. With a little patience you can take out a fair number of enemies in these situations by unloading at head level. The Galleria is also a great weapon to quickly switch to when you've got some cyber mutts tackling your man bits. Go for the quick swap, unload a couple of rounds at your feet and quickly switch back to your previous weapon of choice.  

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, the stand-alone expansion to Far Cry 3, teaches a very important lesson to the Industry. A lesson that at times seems long forgotten. Games with dazzling visuals and elaborately told stories are great, but gaming is most importantly about one thing. Fun. Reviewing Blood Dragon is proving to be one of the greatest challenges I have had to face with Glory to Gaming. Mainly because if I am to speak quite frankly, Blood Dragon is horrible. I mean this with the utmost respect as the things that make Blood Dragon "horrible" are exactly the things that make it awesome. 

Blood Dragon is the cattle prod in the side of every cheesy eighties action flick known to man. Insistently poking fun of itself all while coercing the player to enjoy the game with the lightest of hearts. This is precisely the kind of game that we all wanted Duke Nukem Forever to be. In a hail of gun fire and a sonata of explosions you will make your way across an island filled with fire arm wielding robots and laser beam belching dinosaurs. 

For those who have played Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon will feel very familiar. You will explore an open world island, complete bonus missions, upgrade weapons, and liberate outposts. Unfortunately some of the more endearing and entertaining aspects of Far Cry 3 do not make their way to Blood Dragon. Such as the crafting system and hunting. You also will not find the same great story telling and character depth that is so present in Far Cry 3, though it's hard to blame Blood Dragon for this. Blood Dragon does not take its self seriously and neither should you, as story sequences are often ridiculous still frames reminiscent of games of old and Blood Dragon's dialogue is enough to make Arnold Schwarzenegger blush. But as entertaining as the games presentation can be, Blood Dragon is really about combat... and explosions. 

Blood Dragon's combat is just as over the top as its story. With fast paced action and numerous enemies to dispatch, Blood Dragon can feel quite exciting when in the thick of battle. Though most of the game takes on a futuristic approach, Blood Dragon's weaponry is to an extent quite reserved. With an armory that is just as diverse as it needs to be, veteran's of modern shooters will feel very at home with Blood Dragon's arsenal. This especially goes for those who are familiar with the Far Cry franchise.

For me Blood Dragon's visuals are by far it's low point. Overall the games graphic style very much adds to it's atmosphere, a feel that is obviously intentional. The biggest problem here is the overly consistent scenery. If you've seen one interior, you've seen them all and the game is irritatingly dark the whole way through. You can't help but feel that this never ending darkness is more a way to hide the games shoddy textures than add immersion for players. That being said, the game does sport some very interesting effects. Leaving you feeling like you have stumbled into a terrible (or awesome) Tron nightmare. 

Blood Dragon is extremely short. The campaign can easily be finished in under four hours if rushing straight through the story and it's replay value is not nearly as extensive as one might hope. After finishing the game's campaign players will have the option of entering a free roam mode where they can continue to explore the island. Unfortunately little is left to do at this point and players will be left only to complete boring side missions, liberate outposts and seek out a few collectibles scattered throughout the island. If you are looking to get the most time out of this game, it would be best to complete some of these extras as you chip away at what little story there is. 

Blood Dragon is certainly no masterpiece. The story will not leave your brains covering the monitor, the characters will do little more for you than make you laugh and you will not find yourself amazed at the amount of content there is to explore. But push all that aside and you are still left with something pretty special. A hell of a lot of fun. Standing at fifteen dollars there really isn't a whole lot to lose by picking this one up, but if you are tight on cash and are looking for the most content for your buck you may consider picking up another title. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is the kind of game that leaves you with a little warmth in your heart knowing that there is still some madness in the world to be enjoyed. 


- Fast Action

- Fun!


- Lacking in Content

- Muddy Visuals


7.9 / 10