Monday, May 27, 2013

The Quirky Adventures of Dead Island: Riptide (Bugs and Glitches)

Playing through Dead Island: Riptide, it has become painfully obvious that this game is absolutely riddled with  bugs. Though I am enjoying my time playing through the game, making a walkthrough for the game has been quite a nightmare at times. I've decided to make the best of it. Though sometimes these bugs can be quite frustrating, they can also be pretty funny. Here are a few bugs I've decided to share.

Two Bugs, One Video:

In this section there are two weird bugs that took place. One you wouldn't know if you haven't played the game before. I was asked to place the fences around the camp, which you are supposed to do manually. Instead, I clicked the first fence and all the others appeared directly after. The second bug is quite easy to spot.

Legend of the Invisible Boat:

Finding a boat on an island full of flesh eating zombies is one thing. Finding an invisible boat on an island full of flesh eating zombies is quite another. Especially when being asked to install a motor on said boat.


  1. How do I get past that boat glitch other than starting over

  2. Unfortunately I was unable to find another way. Exiting and reloading was the only way it worked for me.

  3. I was at the palanai military outpost on some crates and an infected glitches through the fence and went right up beside me

  4. I been having same damn problem. I don't have a clue what to do. And I am so far with my skill points, 35-36 that I'd hate to start over.

  5. So I take it only option is to start over. Because I have quit, reloaded, and same problem with the boat happens. I should so complain to the dead island franchise, however I'd go about that. What a pain in the ass.