Monday, May 13, 2013

Top 5 Weapons (Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon)

Here is a list of the top 5 weapons for kicking some serious ass in Blood Dragon. This list only includes weapons obtained early on in the game and assumes you have obtained no attachments. 

1. Bow

Once again the Bow makes its way to the top. In Blood Dragon the Bow has proven to be the most useful weapon at your disposal as it allows the player to execute quick stealth kills with its silent and powerful strike. When used correctly the Bow can enable you to get through tight areas undetected. This is especially useful in the optional hostage rescue missions. These perks in marriage with the ability to reclaim dispensed arrows makes the Bow an obvious choice for your arsenal. 

2. C400

When used in the right situations the C400 can be an especially useful ally. Its blast does a significant amount of damage and the option for remote detonation allows the player to make strategic use of its blast radius. Unlike the mines, C400 will only detonate with the use of the remote or in reaction to another explosion close by. When caught in a situation where you have switched from your remote to a firearm, be sure to use your grenades as a quick solution for detonation. C400 is most useful against armored targets as a direct blast will grant you an instant kill. 

3. Kobracon

The Kobracon sniper rifle is almost always your best friend when caught in a situation where your enemies have been alerted of your presence but are still far enough away to give you the advantage. Pulling off distant headshots with this weapon is not only extremely effective but also a hell of a lot of fun. When enemies are at a great distance be sure to use the "hold your breath" feature to maintain a steady aim.

4. Terror 4000

The minigun is almost always a great choice in any over the top shooter. The Terror 4000 is no exception. This gun holds quite a bit of ammunition, packs a serious punch and is surprisingly accurate when firing from iron sight. The Terror 4000 is fantastic for dispatching large clusters of foes, dishing out a respectable amount of damage to dragons and killing armored enemies when they are out of reach of your C400. When using the Terror 4000 make sure you take in account its down time as it revs up.  

5. Galleria 1991

Last but most certainly not least is Blood Dragons nifty looking shotgun. Though this weapon is essentially useless at a distance it serves as reliable backup in certain situations. The Galleria is best used when there are large clusters of enemies funneling around a corner in tight areas. With a little patience you can take out a fair number of enemies in these situations by unloading at head level. The Galleria is also a great weapon to quickly switch to when you've got some cyber mutts tackling your man bits. Go for the quick swap, unload a couple of rounds at your feet and quickly switch back to your previous weapon of choice.  


  1. Nice list! I was looking for some commentary of Blood Dragon's weapons, and yours was quite satisfying.

  2. Nice List! But Where Is The Killstar weapon!?