Wednesday, June 12, 2013

14 Dead Island: Riptide Tips

1. The Power of the Kick: 

In Dead Island, the kick feature is your absolute best friend. Kicking cannot be interrupted and helps you maintain weapon durability, which is especially helpful when faced with an inventory full of broken weapons. Use the kick feature often. Push back advancing enemies and knock zombies to the ground, buying yourself more time to thin out a crowed of undead. Use a drop kick to increase the effectiveness of this attack. The kick feature is also excellent for pushing back advancing infected.

2. Keep Your Weapons Repaired:

Work benches are not difficult to find in Riptide. In fact, they are practically everywhere. Cycle through your weapons often to ensure they do not get too damaged and use work benches to repair your arsenal often. Being left with an inventory full of broken weapons is absolutely the worst situation you can be caught in.

3. Kill the Brain, Kill the Ghoul:

Aim for the head! Boom! Headshot!

4. Keep out of Reach:

Staying out of the reach of tougher zombies is key for survival. Try getting behind the enemy and unleashing. In some situations, using a circling method is extremely helpful.

5. Stay Angry!:

Fury can be a powerful ally when used in a sticky situation. Don't just mindlessly blow your fury. Use it for situations where you are getting mobbed, weapon durability is getting low, or tougher zombies are giving you trouble.

6. Fight or Flight:

Beheading every zombie that crosses your path can be fun, but sometimes it's just not practical. The zombies of Dead Island are of a particularly stupid breed. Most will stop engaging you if you distance yourself enough, and infected aside, they are hella slow! Use this to your advantage. Run away from mobs that don't need to be encountered and live to fight another day.

7. Save Crafting Materials:

Crafting materials are generally not worth a whole lot and having them in your inventory is essential for creating nifty mods. Hang on to your crafting materials so that later you can create powerful weapons.

8. Containers Respawn Often:

Very often in fact! Take note of areas that hold a lot of valuable goods and make sure to return to them often. This is a great way to save up some extra cash and keep your materials well stocked.

9. Ammunition:

Guns in Riptide can be extremely effective in situations where you need to keep your distance. Make sure you always have a powerful fire arm ready for action. Odds are you will need to use it.

10. Be Smart with Upgrades:

Upgrading weapons is a great way to stay effective in combat. Upgrading frequently can be very costly and unless you want to burn through cash, you should be weary of upgrading new weapons that are only slightly more powerful than the ones you have equipped.

11. Be Weary of Mod Effects:

Sometimes mods can be just as lethal to the player as they are the target. Be careful when using some modded weapons as they could potentially do you more harm than good if used recklessly.

12. Lock Picking is Key:

If available, make sure to dump those points into the lock picking talent. Generally, some of the best weapons in the game can be found in the locked chests scattered throughout the island. Be sure not to lose an opportunity at some fat loot.

13. Choke Points:

When faced with a particularly large group of undead, make use of your surroundings. Finding a small choke point to have the zombies funnel through can greatly increase your odds of survival.

14. Explore:

Make sure to thoroughly explore your surroundings. Not checking a building could mean missing out on a helpful mod, some much needed cash, a med pack or even a valuable weapon. So take your time and see the sights!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dead Island: Riptide (Xian: Stat & Talent Build)

Here is a general leveling guide I've put together for Xian. Clearly a blades build. This build is mainly focused on survival and damage output, ignoring much of the fury tree. This build is best for improving your characters combat skills and keeping your character effective regardless of the situation you've been placed in. This build is for a level 50 character and should be efficient for getting you through your first playthrough.

Choosing Your Talents:

This build is assuming that you are starting a fresh character and not importing a save from the original Dead Island. Starting off you want to pick the Survival option when choosing your character. When building my character I first worked my way to Field Medicine. Once I had a point in Field Medicine I changed over to the combat tree working my way to the very last talent. I then filled in the rest of what I have below in the Survival Tree before finishing off the rest of the Combat Tree. Below is a picture of what your tree should look like once finished as well as a list of all the points that have been placed into my tree's. 

Talent Points

Survival Tree:

First Aid

Life Insurance (3 Points)

Vampire (2 Points)

Specter (1 Point)

Spring (3 Points)

Deeper Pockets (3 Points)

Lock Picking (3 Points)

Endurance (3 Points)

Field Medicine 

Combo (3 Points)

Custom Maintenance (3 Points)

Surgeon General

Combat Tree:

Blade Fighter 

Flawless Blade (3 Points)

Maintenance (3 Points)  

Effortless (1 Point)

Deep Wounds (3 Points)

Blade Expert

Telling Blows (3 Points)

Stroke of Luck (3 Points)

Pressure (3 Points)

Blade Master

Fury Tree:


Like a Rock (3 Points)

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

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