Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dead Island: Riptide (Xian: Stat & Talent Build)

Here is a general leveling guide I've put together for Xian. Clearly a blades build. This build is mainly focused on survival and damage output, ignoring much of the fury tree. This build is best for improving your characters combat skills and keeping your character effective regardless of the situation you've been placed in. This build is for a level 50 character and should be efficient for getting you through your first playthrough.

Choosing Your Talents:

This build is assuming that you are starting a fresh character and not importing a save from the original Dead Island. Starting off you want to pick the Survival option when choosing your character. When building my character I first worked my way to Field Medicine. Once I had a point in Field Medicine I changed over to the combat tree working my way to the very last talent. I then filled in the rest of what I have below in the Survival Tree before finishing off the rest of the Combat Tree. Below is a picture of what your tree should look like once finished as well as a list of all the points that have been placed into my tree's. 

Talent Points

Survival Tree:

First Aid

Life Insurance (3 Points)

Vampire (2 Points)

Specter (1 Point)

Spring (3 Points)

Deeper Pockets (3 Points)

Lock Picking (3 Points)

Endurance (3 Points)

Field Medicine 

Combo (3 Points)

Custom Maintenance (3 Points)

Surgeon General

Combat Tree:

Blade Fighter 

Flawless Blade (3 Points)

Maintenance (3 Points)  

Effortless (1 Point)

Deep Wounds (3 Points)

Blade Expert

Telling Blows (3 Points)

Stroke of Luck (3 Points)

Pressure (3 Points)

Blade Master

Fury Tree:


Like a Rock (3 Points)

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